White Eclipse

by Beki and Dustin.


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7/29--I think I getting better at drawing this sort of clothing. The dresses remind me of so many faerie tales I read as a child. I love clothing with lots of lace and bows! ^_^ For the inking, I usually use a maru pen, 'cause it's good for small details and the like. I miss using the G pen, though, so on page 10, I inked Bess's black hair.

I'm trying a variation from my usual style of eyes; for White Eclipse they are almond-shaped and closed, rather than round and open. I'm also making the chins round, rather than pointed. Most of the colouring is done by Dustin, but the portraits and the title pages are my own with chalk, marker, and pencil.


7/28-- More pages are up and ready to read. I think eventually I'll have something more to say here but for now, I think the coloring is looking better, and the line-art is always top-notch, grade AA and the like. ^_^

I think the portraits look nice, they add a lot of personality to the site, something it's kind of lacking.

That said I'm not sure how school starting is going to affect updating this page, but there's every possibility we won't be able to get a new comic up every-other day. For those die-hard fans with no other reason to live, I apologize. ;)

As a last note I think that the site's starting to look okay, if anyone has any suggestions or HTML they'd like to send be sure to email us.

7/22-- Okay, so this is my first bit o' information to the fans, all four of you. I've got the news box set up (obviously), and we seem to be on schedule. Be sure to email us with comments. ^_^; In case you can't find the email link (it's all over the place) just click right here --> EMAIL US.